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Woodlands and The Ash Tree: a fitting tribute to Oliver Rackham

Following the death of leading historian and ecologist Oliver Rackham, Stephen Town pays tribute with the donation of two of Rackham's popular environmental titles.

Rackham, O, Woodlands and The Ash Tree, coming to the University Library soon

Oliver Rackham died last week at the age of 75 after a lifetime’s contribution to the understanding of woodland and landscape. The Guardian newspaper featured an obituary summarising some of his most prominent work.

Rackham's work and writing was not only influential academically, it also informed modern woodland management practice, and challenged the received wisdoms about the history of forests in England. His approach brought together knowledge from a number of disciplines, including archaeology and history, and his first work was informed by Bishop’s archives from 1251, requiring a level of Latin not always common among scientists.

His view of woodlands as antiquities in themselves and an integral part of our civilization imbues his …

High Tech human touch 1961-2011: a concise history of the University of Twente

In a move away from science and religion, Stephen Town's next book donation documents the trials and tribulations of a young university finding its feet in 20th century higher education.

De Boer, J., Drukker, J.W, High tech, human touch 1961-2011: a concise history of the University of Twente, in the University Library at K 8.492 DEB

The University of York celebrated its
50th Anniversary across the 2013-14 academic year, and the
Information Directorate celebrated this with a historic timeline in the Fairhurst Building.

In its final year of being under 50, York was also ranked (in the Times Higher Education 100 Under 50) 1st in the UK, and 7th in the World, amongst these relatively young institutions.

The University of Twente is of similar age, welcoming its first students in 1964, and this bilingual book reflects on its history. Compared to the apparently smooth and placid growth of York, Twente’s history is packed with incident, drama and dispute, from the original competition bet…

We want you to complain...

Joanne Casey explains why we don't mind you moaning.

Your complaints are the life-blood of our service improvement. Getting feedback from you - whether it's positive, negative, or a suggestion for a new facility - is our best opportunity to find out more about more about what you want and identify how we can make improvements to our services.

Last year, we were accredited with the Customer Service Excellence (CSE) Award. One of the elements of CSE is a continual process of review and improvement - the award is re-assessed annually. Our assessor suggested that this year we should review our processes for accepting and dealing with complaints.

In response to this we have:
Created easy to find feedback pages on each of our service's web sites making it simple to submit both complaints and commentsLibrary feedbackIT feedbackArchives feedbackWorked with our staff and provided them with updated training in complaint handling and responding to feedbackRevised our complaint-handling…

Lockers, language support, and more - we’re acting on your feedback

Joanne Casey summarises recent changes made in response to your feedback.

Learning what you think of our services is the best way for us to find out how to make them better for you. We gather your comments and suggestions together, whether they arrive by email, in person, on cards, or via Facebook and Twitter, and see how we can act on them. These are some recent developments which grew from your comments.

Library feedback
You've been asking us to provide more lockers, so we've added more - there are now 122 lockers available on the ground floor of the Morrell - that’s an extra 102 compared to last year.

We've also added two accessible lockers on the ground floor of the Morrell - these lockers are designed to be accessible to wheelchair users, like those provided in the accessible study rooms. They're primarily intended for temporary storage, but we're happy to discuss your specific needs, and let you use them on a longer basis if necessary.

Lots of people c…