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Bringing hygge to the Library

Joanne Casey on the art of staying cosy...

Hygge has been a buzzword in recent months; as you probably already know it's a Danish word that reflects the idea of making everyday life more enjoyable. For me, and many others, that means being cosy.

Over the years, the temperature in the Library has been a common theme in the feedback we receive from you. Particularly on social media, people often tell us that they're too cold in the Library buildings; sometimes on the same day as other people tell us that they're too hot!

What this makes clear to us is two things; everyone feels the temperature differently, and (even with the heating on) there are definite cold spots in the Library that we can't eradicate - desks by the windows in Morrell are a case in point.

We advise people to wear layers when studying in the Library, and you can take hot drinks into Morrell and Fairhurst, but we spotted an opportunity to add something extra. We now have blankets near the Help Desks in bo…